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This Language Music

My name is Leroy Hyter and I am excited to introduce to you this new and innovative technique of learning to play the piano-entitled This Language Music. I developed this method of teaching the piano in 1996 after many years of professional experience working as a musician, songwriter and producer as well as over thirty years of personal study and training on the piano and saxophone. This method was devised in order to offer an alternative approach to the more traditional methods of teaching. This Language Music was not derived as a technique to replace the traditional methods of learning the piano, but more so to make available, to aspiring pianist, many of the creative elements of musical expression that are so often ignored by standard methods.This Language Music will empower the new and old piano student a like with all the skills necessary to creatively express himself/herself from the piano. No longer will the piano simply be an instrument to play, but one to speak through.


This Language Music is a holistic approach to playing music. Developing one’s ability to properly Speak, Write, and Read music.In 2006 This Language Music added a spiritual aspect to its training method, providing something that is quite unique to the traditional methods used in learning to play a musical instrument. As a Christian based method, this portion of the course marries the technical skills involved in the use of a musical gift, with the spiritual laws that help to govern God’s role in the use and development of all gifts. This Language Music is founded on two beliefs:1. That music is a language and like all languages in order for one to properly function in its use they must not only have the ability to read it, but more importantly to speak it as well. 2. That all gifts come from God and in order for one to properly discover the full potential and range of the gift they seek to develop, as well as to discover their true purpose for operating in that gift, they must partner with God, the giver of all gifts.It is my belief that students will be more fully developed as a true performer and musician when they learn from applying the techniques taught in this method. Simply learning to read music in order to play an instrument hinders the musician from operatingin his/her full potential as a true artist. Just as simply learning to use and develop a gift, without recognizing the role God seeks to play in the use and development of that gift, also hinders the artist from operating at their full potential.WELCOME to the This Language Music family.

Nia Performs Hallelujah


Maxwell playing Beauty And The Beast


Xavier Performs Bach's Minuet


Matthew Performs Let It Be


Isabelle Performs Run To You


Nate Performing Viva La Vida


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