When I was a child if someone had of told me that writing was going to be a passion of mine, I would have never believed them. But here I am today and one of the things I love to do most, besides playing and creating music, is to write. It was during my sophomore year in college, while taking a creative writing course that I first discovered that I had a gift for writing even though I never exercised it outside of the classroom. It actually wasn’t until I began to minister that I learned my true purpose in writing.


There was one experience in particular that awaken my passion for writing. While living in New York I had a dear friend who was struggling with her relationship with God. When I tried to minister unto her in spoken dialog I could never reach her because she was so argumentive. I later discovered that when I put my comments in written form she was much more receptive. One reason being she loved to read and secondly I found out that I expressed my ideas or should I say what God desired for me to share more affectively when I wrote them down in words. What I found to be most exciting about this new means of communicating was whenever I sat down to write her a letter the Holy Spirit was always their leading and directing me in what to say.


It was this intimate interaction with the Holy Spirit that birthed my love for written dialog and everything I have written since that time has been created under the direct guidance and leading of the Holy Ghost. I am blessed every time I sit down to write, whether it be a Meditation, short story or textbook and I pray as you read the writings God gives to me to share, you will be blessed as well.


© 2014 by Shanie Evans                Breakthroughartistry.co

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